Cows that Drinks Milk Hi There~

These two days I finally know what it feels like being heartbroken. I guess I expected for something I shouldn’t have. NEVER AGAIN! Friday was definately a mistake. 

Spring Break in Key West 3/12/14-3/14/14. It was a great getaway from the city; reminds me a little bit of home. The art galleries, the fresh seafood, the adventure to the car in flooded streets, the walks on the beach, the creepy guy on the beach, the beautiful sunset, the starry night sky. I wish I could go back! 

No Longer Lost

Since the beginning of freshman year, I’ve lost myself. There were times when I lost faith in what I believed in; I did things that I’d never thought I’d do. My tolerance level rose and my base line lowered. It didn’t really bother me until last Sunday. I guess before then, I was just in denial. Ever since Sunday, I was really disappointed in myself. I couldn’t help but ask: “What happened to that well-respected Anita?” I contemplated. After extended reflection, I realized that I was just going through an experimental phase; I wanted the “college” experience. I wanted to know how it feels to have a social life,to party, to be loved, to stay out late. I guess you could say that I got the college experience I was looking for but  now I am done with experimenting. It’s time to revert back to that shy, reserved nerd that I was before entering college. It’s time to set my priorities straight again. 


2. Learning to say NO. 

No more going to frat parties, no more going to bars and no more slacking. No dating either. 

Today it’s a new day and I’m no longer lost. 

Good Terms

I’m glad that we’ve came to terms that we’re just friends. I have to say that I really enjoy spending time with you! Thank you for all the memories. 

I absolutely wasn’t in the right state of mind last night. I really enjoyed your company but I know I shouldn’t have seen you last night at all. I felt bad saying no on Valentines day and deciding to make up for it on saturday was a big mistake. I really need to clear things up soon!